Join Cast and Crew for the world premier screening of a locally made movie!

On a remote farm, an  attempt to start anew is shattered when a group of friends find themselves trapped by an unexpected guest. A seemingly simple solution proves disastrous when it becomes clear that nobody is quite who they seem to be, and what hides beneath the surface is capable of unimaginable terror.

Regicide is the second locally shot feature from Daniel McLeod. Shot in an unforgiving environment, the true grit of the cast and crew shines bright on the big screen. A blend of drama and sci-fi, Regicide is a throwback to classic thrillers of the 70s and 80s with a modern mindset, featuring strong female leads and a creeping atmosphere.

CAST: Cast: Ashley Sametz, Michael Masurkevitch, Nicole McCafferty, Esther Rogers, Steve Kasan, Jill Skene, and Mark Starratt.

$10 cash donations are welcome upon entry but not necessary. The full cast and crew will be in attendance.

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Crew: Robert Gissing, Mike Lindsay, Brian Lockyer, Steve Lockyer, Michael Malko, Otis Morris, Kevin Reitzel, Erica Adam, Erika Triggs

Original soundtrack: Russell Jennison (Postmodern Machine)

Poster Design: Steve Ksiadz






Sun, Jun 26 2022 - 7:00pm

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