112 Weddings

Over two decades spent filming weddings, Doug Block encountered many fascinating and eccentric couples. But how did their marriages turn out? Picking up his camera again, he sets out to find the answer.

Documentarian Doug Block's sideline as wedding videographer for 20 years inspired him to revisit some favourite couples to see if they lived happily ever after, eliciting candour, tears and laughter as they reflect on the challenges of their marriages, on adversity, divorce, devotion and enduring partnership. Fun archival wedding clips cover everything from Jewish traditional to bellydancing bridesmaids, with some decidedly Woody Allen-esque characters. Others are variously sweet, sad, funny and touching. Then there are the naive youngsters embarking on wedding no. 112 with stars in their eyes. And still no-one can really explain why people choose to marry or why it works or doesn’t.

Charming, occasionally sad, the couples' stories are often a joy to behold. The secrets of a successful marriage remain mysterious, however.

- Angie Errigo, Empire Magazine


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