A Bag of Marbles

“Christian Duguay’s Un Sac de Billes is the second time the best-selling autobiographical novel has been brought to the big screen coming over forty years. Duguay’s film is beautifully shot and boasts fine performances from its two main actors aged just 17 and 12-years-old.

“There is plenty to pull at the heartstrings. Two young brothers forced to fend for themselves when the German occupation of France and subsequent persecution of Jews puts their lives in danger.  Maurice and Joseph leave their parents Roman and Anna behind in Vichy, France and travel to the French riviera town of Nice in the free-zone to join their older siblings Henri and Albert. The family is soon reunited, but once again the German occupation separates Maurice and Joseph from their parents and brothers. The two face possible capture and deportation before the family can come back together.” - French Cinema Review


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