A Hidden Life

Winner of the Ecumenical Prize at Cannes 2019. "Cinema at its mightiest and holiest. A Hidden Life is a movie you enter, like a cathedral of the senses." - Variety

Winner of the Ecumenical Jury Prize at Cannes 2019. From visionary director Terrence Malick (The Tree of Life, Days of Heaven) comes the true story of one man’s quiet resistance in Nazi-occupied Austria. When news of Hitler’s annexation reaches the bucolic mountain village of St. Radegund, Franz Jägerstätter is thrown into a spiritual crisis. He cannot allow himself to sign an oath pledging loyalty to the Führer, though the ill wind blowing in from Germany means it could lead to his imprisonment or even execution. His defiance shocks the village, and when he’s taken violently away to Berlin, his faith becomes his only solace.

A remarkable return to form for Malick, his stunning cinematography captures enormous mountain vistas with the same care as the most quotidian human detail. Expansive and breathtaking, A Hidden Life is centered on a gripping narrative journey that explores the most urgent questions of faith and integrity.

August Diehl gives an engaging performance as an everyman thrust into history, and the supporting cast expresses all the fear, uncertainty, and callousness of 1940s Europe. Like Malick’s acclaimed The Thin Red Line, it is a meditative World War II period piece, but one intently focused on the nearly forgotten struggle of one man whose conscientious objection embodied a rare and essential courage.


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