A Late Quartet

“Writer-director Yaron Zilberman’s debut feature is about a string ensemble trying to stay in tune amid a wealth of personal disasters. With endearing performances from Christopher Walken, Philip Seymour Hoffman and Catherine Keener, the film mines both the relationship issues and the neighborhoods of Woody Allen’s best work.
“On the brink of celebrating their quartet’s 25th anniversary, cellist, Peter (Walken), learns he has Parkinson’s disease and breaks the bad news, causing a fracture among his fellow musicians: Robert (Hoffman), who can no longer stomach playing second fiddle to violinist David (Mark Ivanir), and Robert’s wife Juliette (Keener), who is having doubts about their marriage.
“The film reveals the strange camaraderie of a group that spends most of the year rehearsing, touring and performing together, creating an intimacy that goes beyond the workplace towards something significantly more personal. The actors acquit themselves nobly. Walken is particularly moving as the quartet’s stoical godfather, and it may come as a surprise to see how convincingly he can wax poetically as his character comes to terms with his grim future.”
- Hollywood Reporter

A Late Quartet

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