A Private War

"The life and work of an award-winning female war correspondent whose zeal for the truth made her into a fearless person." - Spirtuality & Practice

“In A Private War as the real-life war correspondent Marie Colvin, Rosamund Pike erases every trace of her delicate natural beauty to deliver the toughest, most uncompromising and vanity-free performance of her career.

“A Private War begins in 2012, in the rubble of a building that has just been bombed by Syrian forces in the embattled city of Homs. This is where Colvin would meet her death, but the film quickly backtracks to earlier in her career, during which her fearless, swashbuckling temperament draws her to the world’s most scorching hot spots. We see her lose an eye covering the Tamil Tigers in Sri Lanka, after which she affects an appropriately piratical eye patch. Meanwhile, she’s feted by her fellow journalists and living the high life in London, where she writes for the Sunday Times. She chain-smokes, drinks far too much and embarks on a series of ill-fated love affairs, including one with her own ex-husband.

“Directed by Matthew Heineman, A Private War is gratifyingly unfussy. Like its subject, it gets to the point, toggling between Colvin’s stints in Iraq, Libya and Afghanistan with her well-heeled life in England.” - The Washington Post


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