A Quiet Passion

"Cynthia Nixon plays Emily Dickinson, whose poetry and life is a perfect match for the signature style of director Terence Davies: rich in detail, deeply enigmatic, and weighted with a kind of sparkling, joy-tinged sorrow." - Vox

"A Quiet Passion, from British writer/director Terence Davies (The Long Day Closes, House of Mirth, Sunset Song), follows the life of Massachusetts poet Emily Dickinson with a more traditional biopic trajectory, but it’s not without surprises. It's one of the most unique and mesmerizing films of the year.

"Following its subject from her teenage years through her long spinsterhood – the reclusive writer died aged 55 – lets the film slowly morph from a Whitmanesque wit-fest, with Catherine Bailey as a bonne vivante, into something altogether more sombre.

"Cynthia Nixon sinks into the role of the adult Dickinson, embodying the paradoxes inherent in a woman who wrote vast amounts of poetry and carried on great correspondences while hardly setting foot outside her childhood home. And Davies isn’t afraid to show the darker side of the sometimes melancholy poet – this is the portrait of the artist as a conflicted and altogether human creative force." - National Post

"Don't be deceived by the delicacy of Emily's 19th-century surroundings, beautifully captured by the gifted cinematographer Florian Hoffmeister. The portrait that Davies paints is of a woman in full, living not just in her words but in the agonizing spaces between them. That's why this film is such a remarkable achievement. As Dickinson wrote, 'If I feel physically as if the top of my head were taken off, I know that is poetry.' You'll also know it when you see A Quiet Passion. It's a beauty of a movie that touches the heart not through pushy sentiment but through the magnitude of its art.​" - Rolling Stone


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