A Ribbon of Dirt

A Ribbon of Dirt: The Hydrocut Story explores the unique history of a remarkably popular mountain bike trail in Waterloo, Ontario. Consistently getting top ranks on trail sites across the country (and beyond), this film aims to celebrate the passion and dedication of all the people that have made it what it is today.

"The Waterloo Cycling Club Trails Committee (WCCTC) recognizes that every rider shares a passion for the Hydrocut mountain bike trails. We want to celebrate our past and present with this documentary of how the trails came to be." In partnership with local video production company Barn Door Creative.

"The Hydrocut started with a dream to build local trails in the 90s for the young sport of mountain biking. In 2001, several determined mountain bikers joined forces to conquer the lack of specific trails in the region for mountain biking.  With hard work, perseverance and support from the community and the Region of Waterloo. The community helped us build one of Ontario’s top rated trail systems, and for that, we are especially proud.  Since the day we first sank our shovels into the dirt, we have opened new trails year after year.   We proudly host trail days where the community is invited to assist with our grand trail building and repairing plans.  The Region of Waterloo has also recognized and supported the work we do with their commitment reflected in the Stewardship Agreement we signed with them in 2009."


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