After The Wedding (Cine Babies)

"Julianne Moore and Michelle Williams shine (of course) in this American remake of the Danish Oscar nominated film. ...a great vehicle for two superb actors." - Deadline Hollywood

“After the Wedding is a sharp new English-language remake of the Oscar-nominated Danish drama of the same name by director Susanne Bier. The remake is directed by Bart Freundlich and gender-flips the two lead roles to be played by women, providing an incredibly rich showcase for the immense talents of Julianne Moore (who goes big) and Michelle Williams (understated and devastating) in the process.

“Williams plays an idealistic young woman who has found peace and purpose in her life halfway around the globe, offering her services at an Indian orphanage. But such operations do not run on goodwill alone, and confronted with the possibility of a generous donation from Theresa Young (Moore), a wealthy New York City-based businesswoman, she agrees to fly back to the States to secure the deal.

“Once Isabel arrives, however, she’s frustrated to find her would-be benefactor distracted by her daughter’s marriage ceremony. Isabel has reason to be skeptical of “mother Theresa,” although this magnanimous matriarch’s motives are far more complicated than Isabel possibly could have imagined.” - Variety

About Cine Babies:

Every Wednesday, 1:00pm at the Twin. Cine Babies is presented by the Princess in partnership with Balancing from Birth to Baby

Cine Babies is a movie program for new parents (and their friends and family) to attend with their infants. Films will be presented with a lowered volume to protect sensitive infant ears, as well as dimmed lights and convenient amenities like change tables and bottle warmers.

See a new movie every week and stay connected with other new parents in the area. Join us! New titles updated weekly. Stay tuned!

If you want to grab a lunch at Princess Cafe before Cine Babies, just tell them you're attending and you'll receive 10% off your purchase.


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