All in Good Time

“A romcom that takes place after the wedding; a sex comedy without any sex; and an affectionate tale of family life and intergenerational strife, All In Good Time is a natural crowd-pleaser. It follows the fortunes of Atul and Vina, recently married but so beset by day to day disasters and difficult relatives that they simply cannot find the opportunity to consummate their union. Adapted from his own play by Ayub Khan-Din, the man behind East Is East, there's an observational wit and attention to detail here that makes the film delightful to watch.
“Life for the newlyweds is concentrated in a small room in a terraced house. It's Atul's father's pride and joy, the crowning achievement of his life of hard work, but to Atul it's a prison. Familiar tensions simmer between a young man trying to find his own voice and an older man who doesn't understand how all his devotion has produced somebody as unfathomable as a stranger.
It's these far-reaching, sometimes tragic themes that give the film depth, but they're wrapped in comedy. As Atul's father, Harish Patel delivers an unforgettable performance that combines blundering insensitivity with heartbreaking vulnerability and will still have you laughing out loud. As he struggles to communicate with his son, so Atul and Vina find their own communication gradually breaking down. Neighbourhood gossip - aided by an omnipresent trio of middle aged women who function like a Greek chorus - doesn't help. Can the young lovers get it together and remember why their love matters before it's too late?” -

All in Good Time

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