Alone Across the Arctic

Encore Screening!

Explorer Adam Shoalts embarks on an estimated 4000 km journey across the Canadian Arctic by canoe and on foot, alone. It is a film about endurance and the power of the human spirit.

As the next logical step in his career as a professional explorer, Adam Shoalts sets out to cross the Canadian Arctic in a race against time that will last four months, 4000 kilometers, with no rifle, on foot and by canoe. He is the first to do this expedition in one season, alone. A companion piece to the National best selling book Beyond The Trees: A Journey Alone Across Canada’s Arctic.

Trivia: Adam Shoalts shot all of the expedition footage himself with a Sony AX100 and GoPro. The expedition support team consisted of filmmaker Francis Luta who airdropped in 3 times over 4 months to capture beauty/drone shots.



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