Anne Murray: Full Circle

“Anne Murray: Full Circle” takes fans on a deep dive into the journey of music icon Anne Murray

The Canadian singer became an international sensation in the ’60s and sold over 55 million albums over the span of her 40 year career, becoming known for such hits as “Snowbird” and “Everyday”. She has four Grammys under her belt, three American Music Awards, two Country Music Association Awards and countless others.

During her career, she worked incredibly hard, but with that came its own dangers.

“I figured that if I did all that exposure, that it could do nothing but help me, and what it really did was tear me down,” a young Murray explains in an interview clip. “The pressure was just too much for me at that point – I had worked close to 365 days straight.”

“It’s a surreal and sometimes unnerving feeling to watch your life replay itself on screen, but I am honoured to have my story told by such a creative team,” says Anne Murray of the documentary. “Throughout my career, the loyalty and support of my fans have been a constant. They were there with me every step of the way, even when others were not. I hope they enjoy this trip down memory lane.”

The biopic promises to look into the life and legacy of the pop and country icon, featuring never-before-seen archival footage from Anne Murray’s personal archives. Included in the film are interviews with artists, collaborators, and colleagues such as Shania Twain, K.D. Lang, Bonnie Raitt, Jann Arden, Kenny Loggins, and Gordon Lightfoot.


No screenings currently scheduled.

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