Big Game

"A sparky romp that recalls the children's action movies of the 1980s - The Goonies or Home Alone - this British-Finnish co-production knows what its audience wants: big bangs, big laughs and adults looking silly." - Guardian

"You can't help but warm to the sheer preposterousness of Big Game, a film in which the US President (Samuel L Jackson) ends up stranded in the Finnish wilderness and dependent on 13-year-old local boy Oskari for his survival.

"Oskari has been left in the wilds to prove himself as a hunter but is barely strong enough to use a bow and arrow. He certainly doesn't seem a match to the terrorists out to kill the President. This is at once a rites-of-passage story and an action movie.

"Its tongue-in-cheek humour and lapidary one-liners are combined with some well-staged stunts. An added draw is Jim Broadbent, dressed like an absent-minded geography teacher but playing one of the CIA's most experienced and ruthless agents. - Independent


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