Bill W.

“William Wilson wasn’t just any guy with a thirst for liquor; he founded Alcoholics Anonymous, which now counts about 2 million members. This is the inspiring story of the man behind the 12 steps. Wilson was born in 1895 and downed his first drink in his early 20s. For the often-depressed Wilson, imbibing seemed like a cure-all. It took 17 years and countless benders between that first sip in 1917 and the moment Wilson had a spiritual awakening, leading him to quit drinking cold turkey. Although he died in 1971, Wilson tells much of his own story thanks to a trove of recorded speeches. Interviews with current AA members intersperse, offering insight into his legacy. Wilson’s story is fairly devastating. Long after the drinking ceased, the depression endured. Meanwhile, founding the organization ended up shackling him. Unable to mon etize his creation, Wilson and his wife lived on the goodwill of others. This is a real portrait that demonstrates that even when alcoholics quit drinking, it doesn’t cure them of their other flaws. But it also gives credit where it’s due.” - Stephanie Merry, Washington Post


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