Brittany Runs a Marathon

"Bell draws laughter and tears out of her character's indignities but also invests us greatly in her desire to change her own life." - Globe & Mail

"Written and directed by first-timer Paul Downs Colaizzo and starring Jillian Bell in a performance that defines breakout, 'Brittany' not only goes places you won’t be expecting but it also manages to be simultaneously sympathetic and unsentimental, a picture with a laugh-out-loud sense of humor that can be as real as hell when it needs to be.

"Colaizzo is an award-winning playwright, and he puts his sharp, on-point dialogue at the service of a story loosely inspired by his best friend, Brittany, a hard partyer who decided to change her life by taking on the New York Marathon.

"Given this set-up, you might think you could guess the rest of Brittany’s story, but the magical thing about this film is that you really cannot. The people she meets and the way things play out for her are not what you would suspect. More to the point, Brittany’s obstacles do not fade away even as she sheds pounds, and unlooked-for issues of intimacy, trust and belief in self come to the fore.

"With her great spirit, self-awareness and sense of humor, Brittany is a remarkable person. Her battle is not so much to lose weight as to take control of her life, and Brittany Runs a Marathon ensures that we’re rooting for her every step of the way." - LA Times


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