Cold War

"Captivates and transcends barriers of language and culture. It's a gorgeous tale as rocky as it is romantic. " - Detroit News

Nominated for 3 Oscars! Best Foreign Language Film, Cinematography, Director. “Polish actress Joanna Kulig has been waiting for years to show what she can do, and in Cold War she gets the chance. She takes the role of a lifetime between her teeth, chomps on it, pounds it into the ground and never lets go for a second. Ferocity and intensity are present in every moment of her performance, even when she’s contained. With Cold War, Kulig breaks out as a lioness of international cinema.

“Pawel Pawlikowski wrote and directed the film, which seems to be a felicitous combination of disparate influences. It’s a love story set against the background of the Cold War in the 1950s. But it’s also Pawlikowski’s portrait of his own parents’ difficult relationship. So in one way, it’s about the pressures of communism on the natural impulses and feelings of human beings, at the same time as it’s the story of two people who could have made a hell out of paradise.

“Through Cold War, Pawlikowski shows us the beauty in an ugly time, and then he makes us wait and wonder if the characters will ever see it, too.” - San Francisco Chronicle


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