“Ellie (Jodi Foster) is determined to find out if we are alone in the universe. When her satellite array picks up a message from space, she is determined to be the person to make first contact with the mysterious callers. What you get out of Contact will depend much on your take on humankind's quest for proof either that we are not alone, or that there is a god (the two are tantalisingly opposite sides of the Contact coin).

“Inspired by her father's memory, Ellie works as an astronomer sifting through deep space radio waves. Ellie and the team are viewed as outcasts by much of the establishment, including her ex-boss.“But reaction to her discovery disappoints her. While the world goes nuts, and the nuts go religious, the signal is dissected but not understood. Then her boss, reclusive billionaire S.R. Hadden intervenes and it is decoded as the blueprint for a giant machine that promises transport, contact and the ultimate truth... for one person only.

“Zemeckis redeploys all the brilliant stylistic tricks that made Forrest Gump such a visual treat: digital magic; beautiful cinematography, and an opening sequence that could just be the Greatest Movie Beginning Of All Time. But Contact delivers on more than a pure visual level, reiterating the idea that greatest progress is made taking "small steps" towards enlightenment. We've long grown accustomed to the movies telling us we are not alone, but Contact is the first film to take the answer as seriously as the question. Less sci-fi blockbuster, more spiritual thinkpiece, this is a Close Encounters Of The Third Kind for the X-Files generation.” - Empire


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