Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon

4K re-release!

In 19th century Qing Dynasty China, a warrior (Chow Yun-Fat) gives his sword, Green Destiny, to his lover (Michelle Yeoh) to deliver to safe keeping, but it is stolen, and the chase is on to find it. The search leads to the House of Yu where the story takes on a whole different level.

At the time of its release, critics were at a loss for superlatives, they were so enamoured by 'Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon.' A small sampling of the stellar reviews:

"High art meets high spirits in a rapturously romantic epic that really kicks butt." - Richard Corliss, TIME

"It's The Matrix spliced with David Lean." - Empire Magazine

"By tapping into responses so primal they feel like magic, Lee's movie reminds you that the medium is never more powerful than when it makes myth feel fresh and new." - Geoff Pevere, Toronto Star

"One of those wonders of imagination and craft that confirm your wildest dreams about the magic of movies." - Detroit News

"So good, it reminds you how the best films transport you to another world." - Atlanta Journal


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