De Palma

“De Palma is not much more than a conversation with polarizing director Brian De Palma accompanied by brilliantly chosen clips from the films that make up the rollercoaster of his remarkable career. Oh, but what a conversation — juicy, jolting, maddening, exasperating and indelibly informative.

“Noah Baumbach and Jake Paltrow, filmmakers themselves and De Palma fans to the bone, haven't gathered a bunch of talking heads to debate De Palma's significance. They just put the man himself on camera, mic him up and let him rip. The result is heaven for movie lovers.

“It's essential viewing for film fanatics and De Palma newbies. There's no way you can get yourself wrapped up in this doc and not go binge his dark masterworks immediately after.” –Peter Travers, Rolling Stone


No screenings currently scheduled.

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