95% Fresh on Rotten Tomatoes. "It's a horror picture that derives from the worst horror of the 20th century -- the Holocaust -- and how its ghosts continue to haunt the people of Poland no matter how hard they try to forget." - Patriot Ledger

“After his daughter's wedding has become a shambles, Zygmunt (Andrzej Grabowski) addresses the assembled guests. He instructs them that "we must forget what we didn't see here." He's not just talking about what went wrong at the nuptials: the chilling and yet very funny Demon is set in Poland, where there's much to forget and not see.

Demon has been described as a horror movie, and it also has elements of a murder mystery. Yet director Marcin Wrona, freely adapting Piotr Rowicki's play, doesn't provide the sensory assaults of mainstream scare fare. In fact, he parodies them with several shockers that turn out to be unshocking. In one, a mysterious hand emerges from under a bed, but is quickly revealed as nothing ominous at all.

“The mix of horror and humor lasts almost until the modestly hopeful ending. It's comedy, as much as the eerie atmosphere, that distinguishes Demon from routine ghost stories.” - NP


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