Don't Breathe

"'Don't Breathe' is a breathless, visceral, nerve-racking thrill ride that doesn't stop coming at you until its final gasps." - Detroit News

"If the buzz is any indication, Fede Alvarez' horror/thriller 'Don't Breathe' will be one of the year's scariest films (and, hey, it's kind of a morality tale, to boot!).

"The film follows a down-on-her-luck young woman desperate to get her younger sister away from the pair's poisonous mother. In an ill-advised attempt at drumming up the money she needs to get him into a good home, Rocky (Jane Levy) allows herself to be talked into robbing a decrepit old house owned by a seemingly innocuous blind man (Stephen Lang). Problem is, that old man isn't as harmless as he seems, and that decrepit old house is actually a chamber of horrors.

"Written and directed by Fede Alvarez (director of 2013's breathtakingly gory 'Evil Dead' remake), 'Don't Breathe' has a good chance of being one of the most intense thrillers you'll experience this year. See it with someone whose arm you can squeeze for 90 minutes." - Alamo Drafthouse


No screenings currently scheduled.

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