Drop The Needle

A look at the social and cultural impact legendary vinyl store, Play De Record, has had on Toronto's musical landscape for over 30 years.

In August 1990, a record store opened on Yonge St. that quickly began serving the needs of college radio and DJs who spun new sounds far from the mainstream. Through the contagious work ethic and guidance of founder Eugene Tam, organically it became the hub for "Dance" music and the genres which emerged from under that umbrella, fueling and fostering Hip-Hop and Electronic culture. Today its impact today on Toronto and by extension Canada is without question. This is the story of Play De Record.

"Against a musical backdrop of vintage Toronto hip-hop from the likes of Ghetto Concept and Citizen Kane, an impressive cast of influential luminaries such as Kardinal Offishall, Saukrates, Russell Peters and Skratch Bastid among many others speak openly of their love for Play De Record in the film." - Complex

"The film uses a blend of interviews, animation, and unintentional comedy, supported by a soundtrack of our favourite 90’s Toronto hip-hop tracks, to create a warm and nostalgic film. It takes viewers on a well-needed walk down memory lane and may even cause some to shed a tear as they remember a Toronto that no longer exists." - Shiftermagazine.com


No screenings currently scheduled.

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