Finding Hygge

“‘Hygge — pronounced ‘HOO-geh’ — is one of those indefinable terms couched in a specific culture, in this case Danish, that actually has universal meaning. Indianapolis filmmaker Rocky Walls and his crew went to Denmark, as well as other parts of the globe, to see if they could determine what hygge is and, more importantly, how to export the concept to others.

“It roughly means something like ‘cozy,’ but has deeper and broader implications. It’s the feeling of slowing down, appreciating life, connecting with others and setting aside the stress of work. Imagine a campfire on the beach with old friends, passing a bottle, listening to music and sharing familiar stories. Everyone feels safe and comfortable. That’s hygge.

“Walls interviews dozens of people on camera for this documentary, starting with Danes from various walks of life, but also Americans, Canadians, Brits and others who have embraced hygge in their own lives. Such as Garrey Dawson and Paul Cunningham, two chefs from the UK who moved to Denmark to start their own hygge hotel and restaurant.

“Finding Hygge is a visually gorgeous documentary that shows off the picturesque Danish countryside to great effect.” - The Film Yap

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