Glen Campbell: I’ll Be Me

"A heartfelt, moving and bracingly honest document of a famous man as he fades away." - Arizona Republic

“Glen Campbell: I’ll Be Me is an affecting documentary of the musician’s final tour – a string of shows that celebrated his career but also showed him in a steep cognitive decline caused by Alzheimer’s disease. Early in the film we see him consulting with a Mayo Clinic white coat. He’s certain about just one thing: “I can play the guitar.”

“He always could. Before he dazzled fans with his golden-boy looks, country good manners and a pure, lonesome and twanging tenor that graced radio hits Wichita Lineman and Galveston in the late 1960s, Campbell was a hired-gun guitarist on tracks by such titans as Elvis Presley, Frank Sinatra and the Beach Boys in Los Angeles.

“At the beginning of his final tour, he has troubles with words, chords and tempos, but notes are locked in his mind and his fingers are able. He struggles with lyrics, but gains confidence when the teleprompter instructs him to “Play guitar solo.”

“He has trouble remembering the names of his band members, particularly heartbreaking because it includes his children. Kim, Campbell’s fourth wife, is a major presence in a gentle but candid film that depends on her voice, given Glen’s own rambling thoughts. She is shown to be strong and upbeat, if occasionally frustrated.

“By the tour’s final stop in Napa, Calif., it is a world of confusion for Campbell. His final recording studio session is captured, with members of the legendary L.A. sidemen the Wrecking Crew contributing to a poignant new song, I’m Not Gonna Miss You.

“This is his, and the film’s, graceful denouement. Life is the collection of memories, and Campbell is losing them. But there is solace in the reality that you will not miss what you cannot recall.” - Brad Wheeler, Globe & Mail


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