Steve Coogan shines in Michael Winterbottom's new comedy about the filthy rich

"In Greed Steve Coogan plays Sir Richard “Greedy” McCreadie, a thinly-veiled stand-in for Topshop CEO Philip Green. It’s the eve of McCreadie’s 60th birthday in Mykonos and preparations are underway for a party themed around Gladiator (the billionaire’s favourite movie), but the presence of a group of Syrian refugees on an adjacent beach threatens to thoroughly ruin the vibes at his opulent do.

"Intercut with the planning of the party, we witness McCreadie’s rise from selling discount dresses in a single store to dominating the high street, and all the little details and idiosyncrasies of the mogul’s milieu are completely on point. He opens debt-bound clothing stores with names like ‘Impresse’ and ‘Xcellent’. His wife Samantha (Isla Fisher) peruses celebrity musicians for the guest-list like carpets in a brochure. His entourage slap money around like taramosalata.

"Greed is tremendous fun, and Coogan and Fisher have some wonderful lines. The film is consistently entertaining and frequently hilarious. An effective portrait of a very specific and odious kind of person during a time of capitalism run rampant.” - NME


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