Hate To Love: Nickelback

An intimate portrait of the Canadian stadium rockers roller coaster career. From their rural roots in Alberta to becoming one of the most successful, yet divisive acts in music history.

Nickelback is one of the most successful acts in music history — they’re also the number one band haters love to hate. This intimate portrait surveys the Canadian stadium rockers’ rollercoaster career

"Simply by taking the stance that Nickelback is good, Hate to Love inherently has a different point of view than what listeners usually see, making this a welcome shift in the conversation." - Exclaim!

"By the close of its 90-minute runtime, the production feels like a soft reset on how Nickelback wants to be seen: less as opponents to their position in music history and more as dudes with a sense of humour and a small-town spirit." - Toronto Star

"Hate to Love: Nickelback doesn’t shy away from the band’s topsy-turvy legacy, but it also finds enthusiastic advocates in the likes of actor Ryan Reynolds and Smashing Pumpkins frontman Billy Corgan. Throughout, the band speaks candidly about their past highs and lows — and getting energized about the next quarter century of growling vocals, colossal drums, gnarly guitars, and irresistible hard-rock anthems." - Toronto International Film Festival



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