Hello, My Name is Doris

"'Hello, My Name Is Doris' ... uses this funny, outwardly ridiculous character to tell a simple story about a love that rarely speaks its name, including in movies: that of an older woman for a much younger man." - New York Times

"Doris (Sally Field) is the kind of office worker who’s taken for granted. About the only thing her co-workers know about her is her name, and they probably wouldn’t even care to speculate about her life in the world beyond the elevators.

"In truth, the 60-ish Doris doesn’t have much of a life. Since the death of her mother, she lives alone in a house full of stuff, most of which she doesn’t need. But it’s all she has to hold onto.

"Clearly, Doris needs something to shake her out of her slump. And it comes in the form of a new co-worker. His name is John (Max Greenfield), and he’s everything a woman could want: smart, sexy, good-looking. And instead of taking her for granted, he finds her quirky and interesting.

"There’s just one problem: John is in his 30s. Doris has a better chance of winning at Powerball than of getting him to take her out on a date. Yet he seems to enjoy talking with her, and she can’t stop herself from fantasizing about him.

"Slowly, Doris begins to insinuate herself into John’s life. And it’s not long before her fantasies get uncomfortably out of control." - St. Louis Dispatch


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