Honey Boy

"In a dazzling high-wire act as actor and screenwriter, LaBeouf lets loose on his own life as a child star and his relationship with his loose-cannon dad, a role he plays himself in a live-wire performance that jumps off the screen." - Rolling Stone

Must end January 3. Based on a screenplay written by Shia LaBeouf while in a rehabilitation program, Honey Boy is a fictionalized drama based on LaBeouf’s life growing up in the spotlight. Noah Jupe (Ford v Ferrari, A Quiet Place) and Lucas Hedges (Ladybird, Manchester by the Sea) portray Otis Lort, an emotionally stunted child star trapped in an intense, abusive relationship with his ex-rodeo clown father. The film follows his tumultuous youth into his troubled, alcoholic young adulthood, where he lashes out, and ultimately tries to find closure for the trauma he was forced to bear.

Directed by friend and artistic collaborator Alma Har'el, the film features the clever twist of LaBeouf portraying his own father, in an effective and emotionally fraught depiction of family strife. Also featuring Natasha Lyonne and FKA Twigs, Honey Boy is an utterly unique and oddly therapeutic modern drama.

"'Honey Boy' adds to the impression that LaBeouf is moving into very interesting territory as an actor, territory uniquely his own." - Rogerebert.com

"The film is not a product of vanity or of self-helping self-absorption that shuts others out. It is a powerful, tough-minded entertainment that welcomes us in and tells us a story we haven't seen before. It is superb." - Washington Post

"Shia LaBeouf digs deep to make "Honey Boy" an impressive and cathartic cinematic experience. This is one of the year's biggest and most moving surprises." - Hollywood News

"Shia LaBeouf's semi-autobiographical film is superb as the actor bares his soul. One of the best films of 2019." - The Victoria Advocate



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