Insanity: The Mental Health Crisis

Insanity: The Mental Health Crisis, is about how we treat people who are dealing with mental illness – it’s insane.

Insanity is a personal point-of-view documentary about director Wendy Hill-Tout and her family's experience with her brother Bruce, who had schizophrenia and disappeared over 25 years ago, as well as other families dealing with mental illness. This documentary also takes a hard look at our country’s mental health crisis with large numbers living on the streets and in jails. Insanity is a plea to do better as a society – to treat those with a mental illness as human beings and provide appropriate services.

"This documentary sheds light on how the justice and health-care systems fail the mentally ill… Wendy Hill-Tout interviews family members, activists and front-line professionals to outline both specific gaps in services and broader systemic failures and lingering societal shame about mental illness that continues to put our most vulnerable at risk." - Calgary Herald


No screenings currently scheduled.

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