It Comes at Night

"Devastating. A nightmare of paranoia and mistrust." Meredith Borders - Birth.Movies.Death.

“This bleak psychological thriller is the second feature from Trey Edward Shults. It stars Joel Edgerton as a patriarch who has taken his family and holed up in a boarded-up property in the forest, although the film’s main focus is on his 17-year-old son Travis.

“An epidemic has broken out and while there’s very little explained or spelled out about the plague, its deadly effects are quickly made evident. A stranger trying to break into the house sets the film in motion. The film feels timely as this dark look at survivalist culture deftly plays off audience expectations of several “cabin in the woods” horror movie tropes.

“By keeping the focus on the handful of characters, this genuinely unnerving film explores the darkness that can stem from ensuring survival at all costs. It Comes at Night shows that no matter how much you can prepare for the worst, no one is ever actually ready for it.” - Toronto Star


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