Jimmy Carter: Rock & Roll President

"'Rock & Roll President' is a potent and poignant reminder of how some things used to be and may never be again." - New York Times.

"Watching 'Jimmy Carter Rock & Roll President,' it's hard not to be stirred by the testimonials, from people like Dylan and Nelson and Bono, to Carter's fine-grained humanity." - Variety

"Bob Dylan says that when he met Governor Jimmy Carter, 'the first thing he did was quote my songs back to me.' He knew the lyrics inside out, and they began an enduring friendship. Not many years later, President Carter's old friend Willie Nelson smoked pot while visiting him in the White House. Nelson's autobiography said he smoked with a member of the White House staff, but Carter himself now sets the record straight: It was one of Carter's sons who smoked, and Nelson was protecting him.

"Those are just two of the many gleeful stories in Jimmy Carter Rock & Roll President, a documentary filled with anecdotes and music — gospel, jazz, country and rock. Carter has embraced all those styles and befriended musicians throughout his life. Who knew?

"The film's title sounds like an oxymoron. Many things might come to mind when you hear the name Jimmy Carter: President from 1977-1981, the time of the Iran hostage crisis; humanitarian and Nobel Peace Prize winner. Fan of and friend to scruffy, pot-smoking musicians is not on that list. But the documentary delivers on the promise of its title, with a fresh, buoyant look at the importance of music in the former president's personal and political life." - Hollywood Reporter 


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