JT Leroy

Unpeeling the layers of an all-American hoax. "Anchored by its two excellent leads, the movie is sympathetic and, for the most part, unsentimental." - New York Times

“Directed by Justin Kelly, JT Leroy is the first fictional treatment of one of history’s most twisty literary hoaxes. But it’s not primarily the story of JT LeRoy a.k.a. Laura Albert, the Brooklyn-raised 30ish woman who passed off her novels as the work of Jeremiah ‘Terminator’ LeRoy, a socially-phobic, homeless, transgender, AIDS-suffering teenage prostitute. It’s the story of Savannah Knoop, Albert’s sister-in-law, who was pressed to don sunglasses and a Warholish fright wig for magazine photos and public appearances, and who subsequently wrote a memoir called Girl Boy Girl: How I Became JT LeRoy.

“As the film begins (in 2001), Savannah travels to San Francisco and her brother and sister-in-law’s apartment to find the LeRoy ruse already underway, the novel Sarah a success d’estime. Albert (Laura Dern) has developed a host of phone relationships with celebrities like Courtney Love, Dennis Cooper, Gus Van Sant, et al. Stretched out on the floor, she rasps softly into the phone, spinning tales and prompting intimate confessions.

“Dern is wonderful at capturing Laura’s near-erotic thrill at being someone else, someone not-her, and thereby gaining instant access to a whole new kind of relationship.” - Vulture


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