"A cat's-eye view of the world that showcases both the warm-hearted people of this ancient Turkish city and the seamless integration of its felines into everyday life." - Toronto Star

“Kedi is a gentle meditation on the strange symbiosis that exists between humans and cats throughout Istanbul, where felines roam the streets in large numbers. Over the course of 80 minutes, the film – through a combination of interviews with locals, quiet shots of city life and scenes of cats in action – comes close to painting a complete picture of a city in which animals known for their autonomy and independent spirit have basically persuaded an entire population of people to take care of them, to gradual mutual benefit. Cats, despite what any dog people reading may suggest, do make great friends, especially if you give them a whole city’s worth of space.

“It is tempting to suggest that Kedi, with its meandering, long shots of cats doing cat things interspersed with human professions of love for cats, is simply a cat lover’s dream doc. But it’s a beautiful film, too, and a fascinating portrait of a remarkable network of human-animal cohabitation.” - Globe & Mail


No screenings currently scheduled.

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