Kevin Hart: Let Me Explain


“Kevin Hart is difficult to dislike. He exudes comedy with every spirited step and elaborate gesture. He’s hilarious, but almost as important, he’s self-aware enough to joke about his shortcomings.

“As an appetizer to his stand-up set, the movie starts with a fictional scene in which Hart throws a big party. But instead of enjoying the evening, the comic is met with a steady stream of outlandish questions stemming from Hollywood gossip. That’s the idea behind Let Me Explain: Hart is here to set the record straight.

“The routine itself is fast-paced and mischievously funny. The stage seems set for a rock star, with Hart’s name spelled in bright lights behind intermittent blazes of fire. Exploding onto the scene in a black leather shirt, Hart dives into his dirty laundry, airing details about his divorce and confessing to a propensity for telling lies. Hart keeps the audience laughing with increasingly outrageous explanations. It’s all in the name of comedy.” - Washington Post

Kevin Hart: Let Me Explain

No screenings currently scheduled.

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