Kitchener Waterloo Film Festival - Drive-In Jamboree


SIGN UP / REGISTER for a parking spot HERE

Welcome to the Drive-In Jamboree at 510 Dutton Drive. You MUST REGISTER IN ADVANCE.

Films will be separated into two blocks, with a ten minute break in between. You are welcome to stay for both blocks! However, if you have young children, it is recommended that they do not view the second block of films, due to some of their subject matter.

Movie start time: 7:45pm

Doors open: 7pm

Screening block 1: 7:45pm - General Audience

Screening block 2: 10pm - 14+ Audience (recommended)

You may stay in your car, or watch on the grass if you bring a lawnchair (please dress warmly if you choose to do this, and bring a smartphone with a radio app/headphones)

Please arrive by 7:30 to secure your spot. You can bring your own food/drink, but popcorn/snacks/drinks etc. can be pre-ordered!

All proceeds go directly to supporting the Princess Cinema!

How Snack Ordering Works

Click here to order snacks for the drive-in!

Select the concession items you would like for the show. Your order will be directed to where you can pay with your Paypal account or a credit card.

Ordering window will close at 6pm on the eve of the event.

How Snack Pickup Works

As you arrive at the drive-in, drive up to the concession stand at the parking lot entrance and a staff member will provide your order. Remain in your vehicle, show us your email confirmation and we will quickly bring your order to you!


$36.00: Combo 1: 2 XL Popcorns + 2 Cans of Pop & 2 Large Candy Bar

$37.00: Combo 2: 2 XL Popcorn + 2 Cans of Pop + 2 Four All Ice Cream Bar


$8.50 - Extra-large Popcorn

$7.50 - Large Popcorn

$.50 - Butter topping


$3.50 - Ice cold can of pop (Fanta & Root Beer)

$3.50 - Ice cold can of sugar free drink (Fresca, Sugar Free Ice Tea)

$3.50 - Bottle of Water

Ice Cold Treats & More

$6.50: Four-All Ice Cream Bar

$6.50: Large Candy Bar (Reese, M&M's, Sour Patch Kids, Licorice)



No screenings currently scheduled.

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