Late Night Double Feature

Canada Film Days 2015


“In Late Night Double Feature, two short films are embedded as part of ‘Doctor Nasty’s Cavalcade of Horror’, a cheap and localized television showcase hosted by the debauched Doctor Nasty. FEATURE depicts the entire fictitious broadcast, including fake commercials and movie trailers.

“The first of the two shorts is Zach Ramelan’s “Dinner for Monsters”, wherein a failing restaurateur receives a catering assignment for a party to be held at a remote hunting lodge. Once there, our hapless chef is ordered to prepare a meal containing a very specific ingredient, as his decadent bosses tease and test his moral conscience throughout the evening. Ramelan provides agreeably dark and shadowy visuals, and the revolting sight of fingers splaying up from a dinner roast like a blackened rooster’s comb is a nice touch.

“Torin Langen’s “Slit” is the better film of the two, and shot with moody intent. It’s the tale of a man with an unusual vocation- cutting into the flesh of a gritty clientele in order to provide them with some sort of emotional release- as he meets with a challenging new assignment. “Slit” has an appropriately gloomy, filtered look and the gory bits of mutilation ministration are good for a cringe.

“The third part of Feature focuses on the Cavalcade show itself, directed by Navin Ramaswaran. These parts have more of a comedic angle. It all builds to an unexpected and bloody climax. The anthology format serves Feature well and it makes for an undeniably fun late night.” - Fangoria


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