Leaning Into the Wind

"Like 'Rivers and Tides,' there's beauty, craftsmanship, and contemplation for all audiences. Spending time with this artist is always worth the journey." - LA Times

“On the basis of Leaning Into the Wind, when it rains, the British artist Andy Goldsworthy immediately drops to the ground and lets the water outline his body. He describes two ways of approaching the world: “You can walk on the path, or you can walk through the hedge.” It’s almost a given that this documentary about his ephemeral, nature-based art will eventually show him trudging through a hedge, oblivious to or uninterested in the perfectly functional sidewalk next to it.

“Leaning Into the Wind is a de facto sequel to Rivers and Tides (2003), by the same director, Thomas Riedelsheimer. Because time erases or alters Mr. Goldsworthy’s sculptures, movies are the ideal medium to capture them

“The surprise of Leaning Into the Wind is that it’s just as concerned with how time has changed Mr. Goldsworthy. His grown daughter Holly now assists him with projects, including one in which they capture the hoof prints of sheep. Mr. Goldsworthy explains the evolution of his views on cities, and his desire to locate the nature beneath them.” - NY Times


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