Leonardo: The Works

“The prolific Exhibitions on Screen strand takes a step away from its normal practice of surveying specific gallery spaces by assembling a virtual exhibition of Leonardo da Vinci’s paintings in a way no art gallery – not even the Louvre (currently showing seven) – can manage.

“The result is undeniably impressive: a whistle-stop tour of masterpieces that hops from one Leonardo venue to another. London’s National Gallery shows off its Virgin of the Rocks, the Uffizi in Florence its Annunciation, St Petersburg’s Hermitage its Benois Madonna, the National museum in Krakow’s Lady With an Ermine.

“Formally, Leonardo: The Works conforms to the makers’ customary style – long, lingering closeups, authoritative comment from art historians and curators, key quotes from original documents read in booming voiceover. As gallery films go, this is pretty monumental.” - The Guardian


No screenings currently scheduled.

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