Les Miserables

“A tender, transcendent and powerfully stirring adaptation of the longest-running stage musical is both old-fashioned and daring. Les Misérables is sweeping, but it's also wonderfully intimate, thanks to Tom Hooper's deft direction. There's a heightened accessibility in the way that Hooper zeroes in on the emotional performances.
“Both Anne Hathaway and Hugh Jackman strike perfect notes in their performances, which are nearly entirely sung. The story, which spans 1815 to  1832, is a simple but enthralling tale of love, idealism and sacrifice. Valjean is released from slave labor and inspired to turn his life around. He becomes a successful businessman and mayor, but the relentless policeman Javert is on his trail for violating parole. Valjean is deeply moved by the plight of Fantine, who works in his factory, but loses her job and is forced to sell her hair, teeth and body. Valjean promises to care for her daughter Cosette, as Fantine lies on her deathbed. Valjean learns the power of selfless love by bringing up Cosette, and the girl is given a life of privilege she would never have known. But all the while, Javert lurks, eager to bring down Valjean.
“It's well-paced and consistently enthralling. The look of the film is gorgeous, but Les Mis is a success because of its superlative musical performances.” - USA Today

Les Miserables

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