Lone Survivor

“Lone Survivor” is gripping, unrelenting, brutally proficient moviemaking, a just-the-facts war movie. Director Peter Berg concentrates on the unsparingly detailed basics. Efficiently, it establishes the film’s four protagonists as men of admirable courage. The title makes it clear that only one of the team will live, but the inevitability of their deaths doesn’t diminish the movie’s raw dramatic power.
“The team drops deep in mountainous territory to pinpoint the whereabouts of a Taliban leader. Losing radio contact isolates them in hostile territory.  The mission is compromised, and an Al-Qaida force attacks. The bulk of the movie is an extended series of battle scenes. The effect of the incessant violence is to make the horror of war more horrible by showing its effects plain at close range. The actors, never actorish, deliver their dialogue with a convincing blend of obscenity, anger and desperation. The film is scrupulously rendered chaos.
“One person will see Lone Survivor as a recruiting poster; another will interpret it as a sad testament to wasted human potential. Lone Survivor is a shattering experience.” - Minneapolis Star-Tribune


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