Lost in Paris

"An exquisite miniature puzzle-box pop-up-book of a movie. All is color and light and exhilaration here, a fantastical lark that is sheer mischievous joy." - Village Voice

“In Lost in Paris, the married directors and stars Fiona Gordon and Dominique Abel show a grace for physical comedy and pretzel-like pas de deux.

“Lost in Paris begins in a snowy Canadian outpost, where Fiona (Ms. Gordon) receives a letter from Martha (Emmanuelle Riva), an aunt who left for Paris decades earlier. Martha is 88 and a bit daffy.

“Fiona decides to pay Martha a visit, bringing luggage more suited to mountaineering than a Parisian getaway. The luggage eventually makes its way to Dom (Abel), a homeless man who is dashing enough to charm Fiona at a riverboat restaurant.

“Most of the pleasures of Lost in Paris come from watching the coincidences multiply as Fiona, Dom and Martha narrowly miss one another. There is a case of mistaken identity at a funeral and a bit of acrobatic derring-do on the Eiffel Tower. In one sweet interlude, Ms. Riva and Pierre Richard (playing Martha’s former lover) perform dance steps while seated on a bench, accentuated by close-ups of the pair’s shoes.

“Lost in Paris is a winning divertissement.” - The New York Times


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