Love & Friendship

"Whit Stillman and Jane Austen are a match made in comedy rapture." - Peter Howell, Toronto Star

"I can’t choose whether “Love & Friendship” is the best Jane Austen film I have ever seen, or the best I could ever hope to see. Which is better, the cast’s elegant character work or the charm and wit of writer/director Whit Stillman’s overall control? Is it more dangerous to laugh yourself silly or applaud to the point of bruised palms? Decisions, decisions.

"Following many staid and treacly Austen adaptations, this sublime period romp adds a thrilling splash of bemused, acidic humor.

"Adapting an incomplete and little-known novella she wrote at the ripe young age of 18, Stillman offers a revised plot and wicked dialogue to show us Austen at her least pious and swooningly romantic. It’s not an Austen satire, but a sharp, good-natured modification showing the narcissism of 21st-century life in 1790s English dress.

"Kate Beckinsale plays the part she was born for. As the widow Lady Susan Vernon, she is disarmingly beautiful, cunningly devious and a touch smug about her ability to turn otherwise intelligent men into bumbling buffoons.

"That power is in play throughout the story as she aims to create marital entry points into the nobility for her teenage daughter Francesca (Morfydd Clark) and herself. With polite formality and an air of casual nonchalance, she calls at a remote in-law’s country estate, secretly scheming and plotting to continue her social standing.

"Gossip about her scandalous nature is spreading, causing her to protest, 'Facts are horrid things.' Still, opportunism has never looked so striking; she could be a seductive wildcat picking at heartstrings with her claws."

"Stillman has delivered a nonstop delight to thrill the existing Austen audience and crack up all the rest." - Colin Covert, Star Tribune


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