Lunatic: Ian Evans

When it comes to following your dreams, how old is "too old"? Q&A with director

Who were your childhood heroes and how would you feel if you had an opportunity to walk in their footsteps?  Chartered Accountant, adventurer and Elora resident Ian Evans wondered if he was too old to accomplish such a feat.

LUNATIC is the story of Ian, who had his first adventure by scaling the shed roof at aged 3. He has subsequently climbed five of the seven summits, cycled 5,000 km solo across Australia and almost died from a fall on the successful expedition to summit Mount Elbrus in Russia. Despite his many accomplishments Ian's desire for adventure still was not satisfied. He was haunted by a nagging question, “Could he follow in the footsteps of his childhood heroes Shackleton, Scott and Amundsen and reach the South Pole, despite being over the hill?”

Come and journey with Ian on his quest to become the oldest Canadian to ski from the coast of Antarctica to the South Pole, a trek only 300 before him have ever completed. We see his planning, fundraising and training, including dragging a truck tire around the village. We experience the team spirit and will to survive in the coldest and windiest place on earth against unforeseen adversity and seemingly impossible odds.

By the film’s end you can decide “who is the real lunatic?”. Maybe G.K. Chesterton was onto something when he said, “The lunatic is the man who lives in a small world, but thinks it is a large one”.

Ian Evans and director, Kent Allison will be at the Princess Cinema on both dates to discuss the film-making adventure and answer questions.

LUNATIC is an official selection for the Sunrise Film Festival.


No screenings currently scheduled.

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