Making Waves: The Art of Cinematic Sound

"Making the work of a largely unsung group of technical artists accessible to the general moviegoer, Midge Costin's very enjoyable Making Waves: The Art of Cinematic Sound presents a century-plus history of the evolution of sound in film. The documentary — a polished directing debut for veteran sound editor Costin — will leave many geekier audience members wishing it were three times as long.

"The doc offers a breakdown of the various components making up the ‘orchestra’ of a modern film's soundtrack; its bulk spins the story of how we got here, subordinating technical detail to the personalities who innovated and the storytelling needs they served. In Costin's telling, this is mostly the story of three pioneers: Walter Murch, Ben Burtt and Gary Rydstrom.

"Costin reminds us that the movies were rarely really silent: Live orchestras, offstage voice actors and traveling bands of sound-effects men accompanied films on special occasions.

"Making Waves will likely inspire viewers to seek out their favorite films and experience them with fresh ears." - The Hollywood Reporter


No screenings currently scheduled.

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