"Cate Blanchett plays 13 unconnected characters in wildly disparate situations who shout, whisper, and otherwise recite both famous and not-so-famous manifestos, including those by Fluxus, Dogme 9 -- yay! -- and the Dadaists." - SF Weekly

“You may not know much about 20th-century art manifestos, but you’ll know what you like with Cate Blanchett’s stunning turn as 13 wildly diverse characters who explore them in Manifesto.

“German visual artist Julian Rosefeldt reimagines his wonkily creative 13-channel film installation into a 90-minute feature, an art film in the purist sense. Open minds will be rewarded with a mind-tickling trip carried on engaging visuals and enthralling work from a shape-shifting Blanchett.

“The Australian actress has done this type of work before, embodying Bob Dylan in I’m Not There. Here, she takes on a whirl of personas, accents and looks, from a homeless man hollering in a Scottish burr through a megaphone to a sneering Russian choreographer lecturing a dance class of Alien-inspired chorines on Fluxus.

“There’s also room for humour, especially Blanchett’s suburban American mom reciting Claes Oldenburg’s “I Am for an Art …” as grace while her fidgeting kids and husband wait for a desiccated chicken to be served.” - The Toronto Star


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