"Riveting, breathtaking and inspirational. It joins To the Limit and Touching the Void as another essential mountain climbing doc that's a must-see on the big screen." - Avi Ofer

“A high-tech, high-octane, high-fiving addition to the venerable 'Mountain Film' sub-genre, Meru is an engaging and cumulatively exhilarating debut from wife-and-husband team Elizabeth Chai Vasarhelyi and Jimmy Chin. Chronicling the highly personable Chin's agonizing attempts to scale one of the world's cruelest summits — along with fellow elite-level daredevils Conrad Anker and Renan Ozturk — this gleamingly slick affair successfully caters both to extreme-sports devotees and also those who don't know their crampons from their pitons.

“Winner of the documentary Audience Award at Sundance in January, the US-India co-production is a winning combination of the gruelingly practical and the luminously cosmic.
“Indeed, seldom can any film have ever come so close to transporting viewers to the roof of the world, thanks to the lightweight digital cameras wielded by Chin and his compadres during their two assaults on the daunting-but-enticing Shark's Fin. Rearing some 20,700 feet above sea-level, this jagged scream of snow-dappled stone was first attempted by Anker back in 2003. He returned in 2008 with Chin and Ozturk: heavy storms delayed their progress, depleted their rations and forced the intrepid trio to reluctantly turn back within summit-sight.

“Three years and various unpredictable life-threatening mishaps later, the team reunites for one last crack at a seemingly impossible four-dimensional puzzle — one with lethal dangers lurking at almost every step.

“As the catalogue of hazards and "mega-risks" accumulates, many may well conclude that these particular mountaineers are more crazy and irresponsible than they are inspirational and admirable — not least because they're clealy so concerned not only with executing their feat but also simultaneously shooting footage along the way. In this sense, Meru is a revealingly 21st century artefact, encapsulating an era when deeds are only fully performed and validated once captured by technology.

“While the fact that the three men obviously survived to tell their tale — via conventionally-framed talking-heads interviews — necessarily lessens the suspense somewhat, there's no knocking the sheer infectious thrill delivered by final sequences.” - The Hollywood Reporter


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