Mike Wallace Is Here

“One of the giants of American television news broadcasting gets an extended close-up in Mike Wallace Is Here, a compulsively engrossing account of a career notable for its gutsy, confrontational attitude toward the power brokers in business and politics. Best remembered for his long stint on CBS' ground-breaking 60 Minutes, the hard-driving newsman made history many times by posing tough questions others were afraid to ask.

60 Minutes, began in September 1968. It became the No. 1 show in the country and is still on the air, about to enter its second half-century, and there is no doubt that this is where Wallace made his most significant mark. The documentary presents footage of Wallace all around the world, nearly always able to gain access to global hotspots, in unusually blunt conversations with the world's famous and infamous and leaving his vast audience in no doubt as to what he thought about world conflicts of the moment and the behavior of the marquee players of the day.

“For anyone remotely interested in American news broadcast history and one of its foremost practitioners, Israeli documentary and feature director Belkin's portrait will provide a meaty repast.” - The Hollywood Reporter


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