“Alejandro Landes’ astonishing Monos, seeps in through the skin like a sweet, druggy sickness — the kind that heightens and sharpens your dreams even as it scrambles them, making the brights brighter and the darks darker, while keeping you feverishly uncertain about whether the next cut will bring rapture or nightmare. A sublimely crafted saga about child soldiers discovering their own hearts of darkness in an unnamed, untamed Latin American wilderness, Monos presents an ugly reality in terms so profoundly paradoxical it becomes surreality: an experience at once jagged and lyrical, brutal and beautiful, angry and abstract, scattered and wholly singular.

“These Lost Boys, some of them girls, whose raggedy clothes are accessorized with battered machine guns, slung across bony shoulders or dangling carelessly off thin arms, go by noms de guerre like Rambo, Boom-boom, Lady, Dog, Wolf and Bigfoot. On a misty mountaintop, these beasts of no nation occupy a militaristic-looking ruined bunker and keep watch over a single prisoner, a white American engineer they call ‘Doctora’ (Julianne Nicholson), the duration of her captivity casually indicated by the lengthening gray roots of her straggly red hair.” - Variety


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