My Cousin Rachel

"A perfect antidote to the surfeit of noisy summer releases, this period mystery is stunningly well done." (Film Journal International) Based on the novel by Daphne Du Maurier

A young Englishman played by Sam Claflin (Their Finest) plots revenge against his mysterious, beautiful cousin (Rachel Weisz), believing that she murdered his guardian. But his feelings become complicated as he finds himself falling under her spell.  "Obsession is the theme of this fine adaptation of Daphne du Maurier's classic tale in which resentment and jealousy turns into infatuation and unbridled passion. Director Roger Michell (Le Weekend; Notting Hill) has crafted a visually beautiful film whose adept screenplay delves into the complex relationship between the impressionable protagonist and the worldly Rachel of the title. Suspicion prickles from the outset as to Rachel's intentions in this cinematic, tense and engrossing film.

"Did she; didn't she; who's to blame? These are the first words we hear, as spoken by Sam Claflin's Philip, who shuns books, the city and smart conversation in exchange for his rural home in 19th century England. The scene is succinctly set as we meet Philip, the young Englishman with a strong connection (and the heir) to his guardian uncle Ambrose.

"Like Philip we become bewitched by Rachel (Rachel Weisz) from the moment she comes to stay. She is beautiful and extremely feminine: unlike any woman that Philip has ever met. Claflin perfectly displays all the vulnerabilities of Philip as his initial antagonism to Rachel turns first to admiration and then obsession. Weisz is excellent. It is with fascination that we watch the relationship between Philip and Rachel develop gradually.

"Production design, costumes and the dramatic Cliffside Surrey locations all work beautifully, as does Rael Jones' cleverly integrated music score." - Urban Cinephile



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