Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind (Subtitled)

Studio Ghibli series. "One of the most weirdly, wonderfully built worlds of Hayao Miyazaki." - LarsenOnFilm

“The first wholly Miyazaki film (and the movie that gave birth to Studio Ghibli) is 1984’s inventive, disturbing, and lyrical Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind. Miyazaki gives you huge airships, ornate castlery and kingdoms, but you also get ancient societies, the battle between man/machinery and nature/magic, and what would become his most defining feature — a young, smart female protagonist who has the compassion many around her lack.

“This film falls into the post-apocalyptic genre that so much manga and anime explores. It’s a thousand years since humans effectively destroyed the planet with the violent “Seven Days of Fire,” a chemical and biological war that gave rise to a Toxic Jungle which has grown to cover most of the rest of Earth. Within it, huge and terrifying creatures have sprung up, including the enormous Ohm, which look kind of like trilobites. But there are small patches of non-toxic land and this is where the remaining humans have settled, splitting into different kingdoms. One of these is the titular Valley of the Winds where Nausicaä is the princess.” - Nerdist


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